Michal Rogowski


I spend most of my free time on personal growth. I love to explore new technologies, processes and ways of managing people. I created and published a Mac app for controlling the camera exposure, a side project which is a video analytic framework based on machine learning and a AWS based backend. I can adapt myself to changing circumstances and navigate teams accordingly. I use data to eliminate assumptions and that excites me. I listen to a lot of podcasts but The COACHING for LEADERS is the one I strongly recommend to every manager I work with.




Engineering Manager

March 2020 - Present

I own technical solutions and delivery within my team. Recently we delivered one of the biggest project in YouGov’s history and our team was the crucial part of it - I was responsible for architecting solutions, manage my team and communicating with CTO’s of other sub-companies to make sure that we are aligned and we will meet all business requirements. I make sure we achieve our roadmap on time and advice the team on finding a balance between technology and business needs. I was co-creating and rolling out career ladder for our engineers, organising remote internal conference, automating our onboarding, and improving performance review processes. I make sure technology strategy meets product development. I track the carrier progress of 13 individual engineers from my team, helping them grow and achieve success through weekly one-on-one meetings. One of the achievements I am most proud of is making the inclusive design part of our designing and development process across the company.

Mobile Team Leader

Mar 2019 - Mar 2020

I lead all technical aspects of the mobile team. I was responsible for uniting my team with a common goal for example by bi-weekly one-on-ones. I collaborated with our product manager based in London to map all business requirements into functional apps. During this period we published redesigned iOS and Android apps for our users. Rating of those apps improved by 2.6 stars since then.



iOS Team Leader

Oct 2018 - Mar 2019

I supervised the work of the iOS team. My primary goal was to meet the deadline for our main products. One of them was a replacement app for the "old" application that has supported hundreds of thousands of paying users. We finished in time and we were in open Beta for 10 000 users. The feedback was very positive. I was also responsible for coordinating the collaboration between iOS, Android and backend teams. Unfortunately, operations in Poland were closed and my contract terminated.

iOS Developer

Dec 2017 - Oct 2018

I maintained and refactored our applications for VoIP services. Furthermore, I was designing and creating modular architecture for our new applications focused on personal and business clients. I also had a chance to run scrum meetings.

Mobile Five


iOS Developer

Mar 2016 - Dec 2017

I was leading projects, coordinated and supervised the work of both Android and iOS teams. We worked in scrum methodology. We were creating apps for clients as prominent as Stagecoach and Gatwick airport. I was co-responsible for UI tests integration in our development process.

Ragnak Software House


iOS Developer

Jul 2013 - Mar 2016

I started as a junior iOS developer, but as the company’s grown, I was given more responsibilities. I helped to coordinate and supervise the work of the iOS team. My duties included estimating and delegating tasks among other iOS developers.


Bachelor of Computer Science

Gdansk University of Technology

photo of me


    • Hard Skills
    • Swift iOS (POP & OOP)
    • Architecting and planning migration of software (API Gateway / micro-services / event & http based communication)
    • Micro-frontends
    • OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0
    • Tests - TDD / UI Tests (Robot Pattern) / E2E
    • Monitoring & Debugging (Newrelick / Kibana)
    • CI/CD
    • Clean architecture
    • Docker
    • Python
      Soft Skills
    • Being proactive & innovative
    • Coaching through 1&1 meetings
    • Giving specific and regular feedback
    • Prioritising and coordinating effectively
    • Delegating
    • Balancing technical risk with organisational goals
    • Explaining complex technical aspects easily
    • Being a key stakeholder in a recruitment process


  • Polish
  • English


  • Basketball
  • Design
  • Martial Arts
  • Being a dad